V-Light Removal Solution

    V-Light Removal Solution


    Discover the V-Light Removal Solution, the ideal tool for professional hairstylists. This innovative product ensures the easy and safe removal of V-Light hair extensions, reducing damage to natural hair. Perfect for salon use, it enhances efficiency and client satisfaction while preserving the health and beauty of your client's hair. Trust V-Light for a seamless extension removal experience.

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    V-Light Removal Liquid - For Easy and Safe Extension Removal

    The V-Light Removal Liquid is an essential tool for anyone looking to remove their hair extensions quickly and safely. Specially formulated to effectively dissolve the glue of V-Light extensions, this product respects the health of your natural hair while ensuring a comfortable removal process.

    Key Features

    • Innovative Formula: Effectively dissolves extension glue without damaging natural hair.
    • Easy to Use: Simple and quick application for gentle removal.
    • Safety and Comfort: Ensures safe and comfortable removal, without pain or hair damage.

    Benefits and Uses

    The V-Light Removal Liquid is designed to make the lives of hair extension users easier. With its gentle yet effective ingredients, it ensures quick and damage-free removal. This product is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain the natural beauty of their hair while getting rid of their extensions.

    Usage Tips and Maintenance

    1. Apply a small amount of liquid directly onto the resin.
    2. Heat the V-Light heating pliers to 170 degrees.
    3. The heat allows the product to dissolve, then gently pull the extension hair while holding the root.
    4. Remove residue with a fine-tooth comb.
    5. Repeat the process as needed.
    6. Clean natural hair with a mild shampoo to remove any remaining product residue.


    • Avoid direct contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

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    Ecological Commitment

    We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint by using sustainable ingredients and promoting responsible production practices. Our products are designed to respect both your hair and the environment.


    1. Can this product be used on all types of extensions?

    Yes, the V-Light Removal Liquid is designed to be compatible with most types of hair extensions.

    2. How long does it take for the product to dissolve the glue?

    It depends on the amount of glue, but generally, a few seconds are enough.

    3. Is the product safe for natural hair?

    Yes, our formula is specially designed to be gentle and non-damaging to your natural hair.

    24 Items