V-Light - UV Technology

    V-Light - UV Technology


    Discover the V-Light attachment system, which combines cutting-edge technology with a natural aesthetic. Thanks to its revolutionary LED technology, V-Light provides a precise, fast, and imperceptible hair extension attachment, revolutionizing your hair extension experience.

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    Revolutionize Your Salon with the V-Light Hair Extension Fixing System

    Designed exclusively for professional use, the V-Light system represents a major innovation in hair care technology. It utilizes advanced LED technology for a fast, effective, and completely invisible hair extension application, tailored specifically for professional environments.

    Key Features

    • Innovative LED Technology: Ensures ultra-rapid curing of the adhesive resin within 5 to 7 seconds.
    • Safe UV Technology: Emits a UV light of 395 nanometers, specially designed to be safe for the scalp during brief exposures. The UV light remains on for 8 seconds to ensure complete resin curing.
    • Invisible and Natural Placement: Extensions are applied so discreetly that they appear to be a natural part of your own hair.
    • Battery Life: Provides up to 2 hours of continuous use, ideal for extended sessions.
    • USB Charger Included: Enables easy charging of the device, allowing for flexible and efficient use within the salon.
    • Professional Use Only: Ensure that the V-Light system is operated by trained professionals to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

    Usage Precautions for the V-Light Fixing System

    The V-Light fixing system is strictly for professional use. To ensure safety and effectiveness when using this tool, please adhere to the following precautions:

    • Proper Storage: Store the UV lamp in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources, to prevent any risk of degradation or overheating.
    • Safety: Avoid any contact of the UV light with eyes, mouth, or nose to prevent irritation or injury. Never look directly into the lights when they are on.
    • Device Maintenance: Ensure the device remains dry at all times. Never immerse the device in water or allow it to get wet.
    • Temperature Monitoring: Immediately cease using the device if it overheats to avoid any damage or risk of burns.
    • Child Safety: Keep the V-Light system out of reach of children to prevent accidents or improper use.

    These precautions are essential to maintain the integrity of the device and ensure safe and effective use.

    Maintenance Tips

    To optimize the lifespan and effectiveness of your V-Light system, clean it regularly with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place after each use. Charge the device with the provided USB charger to maintain optimal performance.

    Explore our specially designed natural hair extensions for use with the V-Light system to complete the professional experience.

    Elevate your hair styling art to a higher level with the V-Light Extension Application Kit, adding a new dimension to your salon services.


    • What is the lifespan of hair extensions with V-Light? V-Light extensions grow with natural hair. It is recommended to renew them after about 8 weeks.
    • Is the V-Light system easy to use for a professional? Yes, designed for professionals, it is intuitive and simple to use, with training available.
    • Is the V-Light system guaranteed? Yes, it comes with a comprehensive warranty for professional peace of mind.
    • Are there any contraindications to using the V-Light system? The system should not be used in certain medical conditions, such as inflammatory skin diseases or if taking photosensitizing medications.

    Finally, a solution for thinning hair: adopt the V-Light system and propel your salon into the future of hairstyling, offering remarkable efficiency, unparalleled safety, and guaranteed satisfaction for every client.

    26 Items