What is a cookie ?

Cookies (or "tracers") are small text files deposited on your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) when browsing websites, including remyhair.fr website
We use these cookies especially to make your navigation as pleasant as possible and improve the use and functionality; For example, to recognize yourself during your next connection and present you with content that can match your expectations.
Incidentally, we also use these files to set up attendance statistics on our site and determine how you have had to know our online store.

Which cookies do we use?

Depending on the device you use to navigate our site, we set up cookies in particular to:
•    Log in.
• Ensure you a navigation security and fight against fraud.
• offer you content related to your interests.
• You suggest commercial offers taking into account your preferences and your last purchases.

How to set cookies via my internet browser?

The default Internet browser settings are usually set to accept cookies, but you can delete or disable cookies by changing your browser settings, if you wish. Note that the deactivation of cookies can affect the features we propose through our site.
For more information about setting cookies, you will be able to consult the following sites:

For Internet Explorer ™: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-fr/windows-vista/block-or-llow-cookies
For Safari ™: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1677?viewlocale=EN_EN,
For Chrome ™: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en,
For Firefox ™: https://support.mozilla.org/en/kb/active-desactivate-cookies,
For Opera ™: http://help.opera.com/windows/10.20/en/cookies.html.
Do we welcome third party cookies?
Cookies of third party websites are likely to be recorded on your terminal and are intended to customize and / or improve content (including advertising) that can be offered during your navigation. Depending on the supports, several third-party cookies will thus be registered, including:
• Social networks content: We may have to publish on our supports from social networks content. Thus, when you consult such content on our supports, a cookie of the corresponding social network can be recorded on your terminal. We invite you to read the management policy of these social networking cookies on the sites concerned.
• Flash: Flash cookies are files stored by Flash software. This software is often installed as an extension of Internet browsers to view dynamic objects, such as graphic animations or video sequences. Thus flash cookies can be installed as soon as the flash application is used. We invite you to read the Flash Cookie Management Policy on www.adobe.com/en/ or www.adobe.com

Do we place cookies on third party supports?
We may have to place cookies belonging to partner sites and disseminating advertisements for our brands and / or our products. These cookies are primarily aimed at presenting you with content adapted to your interests and recognize the consultation of our content (including advertising).
Which cookies are placed on our site?
For the record, by disabling cookies identified as optional via your browser, you will also disable all cookies used on this site, including those recommended for the proper functioning of our sites.

* The names of the cookies used may be required to be updated.


 Cookie name





 Cookie identity


  functional (mandatory)

Identification of the user when connecting to the site


 Google Analytics

  Affluence and Using web site

  PERFORMANCE (optional)

It is assigned to each visitor of a website a unique identifier via the _UTMA cookie. In fact the same visitor will be assigned the same identifier to each visit and will not be counted twice


  Cookie "Shopping cart"

  Constitution of the command

Order on the site (mandatory)

 These cookies are used to memorize the selections of the user and to allow the constitution of a shopping cart to validate during the award control.