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Want to change your hairstyle for an evening? Is your hair thinning and complexing you? For these reasons and many more, think of wigs...

Want to change your hairstyle for an evening? Is your hair thinning and complexing you? For these reasons and many more, think of wigs that instantly allow you to wear a sublime hairstyle. Why should you wear a wig? There may be different reasons for choosing to wear a wig. These are often aesthetic issues related to the loss, temporary or permanent, of the hair. For some of the people it can be a very difficult thing to live with. Certain medical treatments cause hair loss, fortunately temporary but which causes a heavy complex. The same is true when the hair is very thin, losing density over time. To overcome these drawbacks, a medical wig, with shoulder-length or short hair, is ideal. Slipped on in the blink of an eye every morning, when properly fitted, this hairpiece is the guarantee of an easy hairstyle! And if you just want to change your hairstyle for a special occasion, change your length in an instant without having to cut your hair, the short hair wig is also ideal! The medical wig : Some medical wigs have a technique from cinema and television where they are widely used. This is a type of wig mounted on a tule letting the scalp show through, so the hair seems really implanted on your own head: the illusion is perfect! Undetectable, this is the ideal model for those who want a perfectly natural effect, with optimal support and exceptional comfort. No one will know that you are wearing a wig! The long wig If you want to see what you could look like with gorgeous long hair without having to wait for months, then the long hair wig is the one for you: up to 70cm added in one go! Something to bluff all your entourage or seduce a handsome stranger, and this in no time thanks to a mounting on a headband. The time to put on a simple accessory and you are adorned with hair worthy of a princess! And for wiser hairstyles there are always the classic long hair wigs, covering the entire head and mounted on a very comfortable stretchy cap, for lengths of 45 cm to 60 cm. The short wig Do you want to change your hairstyle but you are not ready to take the risk of making a mistake? Do not cut your hair, adopt the short hair wig instead! As fast as you would put on a simple hat, your hair is hidden under a pretty mid-length cut or a small plunging bob. And for a total surprise effect and a radical change of look. There are different styles of short hair wigs, which will make you look incredible in a couple of seconds ! The cheaper wig for party nights! For those who wish to display the color very clearly, dare the flashy wig! Warning: shy and discreet, refrain! With a beautiful flamboyant red, electric blue or fluorescent yellow square, impossible to go unnoticed, you will be the queen of the evening! Very comfortable, its self-gripping adjustment allows a perfect fit for an outfit until the end of the night! The quality choice Natural or synthetic wig, hair pieces are of excellent quality. Synthetic long or short hair wigs are made from professional fiber. This very high quality gives them the advantage of withstanding heat up to 180 C °: you can curl or straighten them. Short or long hair wigs are available in a wide range of colors, from platinum blonde to brown through chestnut, enough to find the color of your choice! Wig maintenance To keep your natural or synthetic wig beautiful for a long time, nothing could be easier. A good maintenance is simple and need gentle gestures. Take a small bath of lukewarm water with the addition of mild shampoo, avoiding rubbing, which will cause knots or weaken the fiber. Then all you have to do is let it air dry, quite naturally, after delicately wringing it out. The professional fiber of long wigs allows the colors not to fade over the washings. Gentle brushing for easy styling or regular combing, and that's it!