20 Tape in Hair Extensions - Straight - 18 inches - Monaco

    20 Tape in Hair Extensions - Straight - 18 inches - Monaco

    000321-45/50 #MONACO

    NEW! Elevate your hairstyle with our premium adhesive extensions, now available in the stunning "Monaco" shade. This captivating color is an exquisite blend of very light Ombre highlights. Our adhesive extensions guarantee a natural and elegant look. Each pack includes 20 strands, equivalent to 10 "sandwiches", with an ideal length of 18 inches.


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    Tape-In Extensions by RH Excellence: Gentle Hair Transformation with Monaco Color

    Discover the softness and elegance of our RH Excellence adhesive extensions, perfect for fine and delicate hair. Easy to apply, they preserve the health of your natural hair.

    Key Features:

    • Quick Application: In just 40 minutes.
    • Hair Protection: Exclusive adhesive for a secure hold.
    • Optimal Comfort: Ultra-thin and invisible tapes.
    • Easy Removal: Use our solvent for a gentle removal.

    Recommended Quantity:

    • Fine Hair: 20 to 40 tapes (1 to 2 boxes).
    • Thick Hair: 40 to 80 tapes (2 to 4 boxes).

    Choose RH Excellence for high-quality, ethical, and durable extensions.

    Essential Information About the Extensions:

    • Collection: Excellence Range
    • Quality: Remy Hair
    • Application Method: Tape-in
    • Tape Size: 4cm x 0.8cm width
    • Packaging: 20 strands per pack (equivalent to 10 sandwiches)
    • Appearance: Smooth
    • Color: Monaco, a captivating very light Ombré highlight
    • Length: 18 inches
    • Weight: 50 grams per pack (2.5 grams per strand)
    • Duration: 4 to 6 weeks (reusable)

    Installation Tips:

    1. Start with a thorough wash of your hair before application.
    2. Select a thin section of hair for better adhesion.
    3. Place one tape under the section of hair and another on top, creating a sandwich effect.
    4. Press firmly to ensure a perfect hold.

    Application Guide for Tape-In Extensions:

    1. Preparation: Apply the adhesive tapes on clean hair. Wait 24 to 48 hours before washing the extensions for better adhesion.
    2. Application: Take a fine veil of hair (0.5 to 1 cm) with a tail comb. Make sure the section is not too thick to prevent the tapes from peeling off.
    3. Positioning: Place one adhesive tape under the hair veil, then layer another tape on top, creating a sandwich effect.
    4. Fixation: Press the two tapes firmly together to remove air and ensure a perfect bond.

    Reuse and Maintenance:

    Our adhesive extensions are reusable and can be repositioned multiple times. Simply replace the adhesive with our pre-cut double-sided adhesive tapes and reposition them using our tape extension placement card. This extends the life of your extensions and promotes an eco-friendly approach.

    Our RH Excellence Promise

    We are committed to offering you exceptional extensions, selected for their durability, authenticity, and ethics. Extend the beauty of your extensions with our range of care products and accessories.

    Transform your style with elegance with RH Excellence adhesive extensions.

    000321-45/50 #MONACO
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