Balmain Hair Professional Straightener - Curler - Backstage Set

    Balmain Hair Professional Straightener - Curler - Backstage Set


    Unveil the versatility of the Balmain Hair Professional Straightener - Curler - Backstage Set, presented by RH Excellence. Engineered for both straightening and curling, this 2-in-1 tool ensures exquisite styles. Ideal for all hair types, it's your key to achieving salon-quality results at home.

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    Balmain Hair Professional Straightener/Curler - The Ultimate 2-in-1 Tool for Every Style

    Innovative Design for Versatile Styling
    Experience the dual functionality of the Balmain Hair Professional Straightener/Curler. This innovative tool allows you to switch effortlessly between sleek, straight hair and elegant curls, adapting to your style needs.

    High-Performance Titanium Technology
    The straightener/curler features high-grade titanium plates, ensuring smooth gliding over hair and reducing heat damage. Achieve optimal styling at temperatures up to 220°C, perfect for all hair textures.

    Included in the Backstage Set

    • Heat Resistant Balmain Pouch: Safely store and transport your tool.
    • Balmain Styling Brush: Prep your hair for styling with ease.
    • 4 Balmain Sectioning Clips: Essential for precise styling and sectioning.
    • Balmain Shine Spray: Enhance your look with a radiant finish.
    • Balmain Hair Treatment: Nourish and protect your hair for long-lasting health.

    Durability and Assurance
    Enjoy the peace of mind with a one-year warranty, a testament to the quality and durability of this premium styling tool.

    Tailored for All Hair Types
    Whether you have fine, thick, curly, or straight hair, the Balmain Straightener/Curler is designed to cater to your unique hair type, ensuring perfect results every time.

    RH Excellence’s Quality Promise
    In collaboration with Balmain, RH Excellence brings you a professional-grade tool that embodies quality, innovation, and style.